~just another post about Bluecoats being the most attractive people of DCI~

But most importantly, their guard.
God bless

Free day in DC
Gotta masturbate

National Pleasure

you did great tonight! congratulations! :)

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!!

Hey hey!! Allentown on the 2nd! Would love to take a selfie with you!!

I’m down!😁

Do you have any suggestions on how I should tell my director we shouldn't use adapters and horn mouthpieces on our mellos? He insists that it's better for us and will make our embouchures better, but mine has been getting worse :/

Yeah horn adapters don’t do anything positive for you.
Your embrochure will get jacked up for a bit regardless of what type of mouthpiece you play on simply because you’re moving while playing.
Get a Mello mouthpiece. You’ll sound much better on it😊

After our performance tonight,
I earn my delta.


It’s frustrating.